How a plasma cutter works

A plasma cutter works by sending an electric arc through gas which is then passed through a constricted opening. This increases the temperature of the gas to the point where it turns into the 4th state of matter. You might have heard about only three states solid, liquid and gas, but you might not have heard about the fourth state of matter, i.e., the plasma. As the part of the circuit, the metal is being cut and electric conductivity of the plasma causes the arc to transfer and work. The nozzle the gas is passed through squeezes at high speed which can cut through molten metal and also the gas is directed around the parameters which shield the cut. If you want to know more about Plasma cutters, visit


Methods of cutting plasma

Today the technique of cutting plasma works on a pilot arc between the electrodes and the nozzle. This ionizes the gas and generates a plasma before transferring the arc.

Another popular method is used to torching the tip to create a spark and using a high frequency starting circuit or a spark plug. check this page for more details on the best electric sheet metal sheers for your plasma cutters.

Some other types of plasma cutting methods include Handheld operations, Precision plasma operation.

Workings of Plasma cutters

The ring on top of the electrode, also known as the swirl ring, causing the plasma to turn rapidly as it passes. These parts are generally referred to as consumables as the electrodes and nozzle wear off over a period of time and need replacements.

Computer Numerically Plasma

Computer Numerically controlled plasma cutters

Computer Numerically controlled or CNC plasma cutters are fully automatic as the control the shape production process. Earlier, these CNC machines used a tape with small holes in them to provide instructions to computers which were not well equipped or technologically advanced. Today, CNC units use expensive, limited productions that are specifically designed to run on burning machines. Due to the advancements in computer technology, there are some personal computers that can adapt itself to run these machines. They provide good cut quality and also boosts production speed, visit for the best plasma cutting tools.

In CNC cutting, you have to arrange your computer to match the shapes to help you cut them automatically without you having to cut them manually. The CNC cutting software provides you with many advantages such as you can program your cutting tool for piercing, scaling up and down in mere seconds, setting acceleration and deceleration at the corners. Some functions are not available with electrical eye units.